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*If you would like a telephone consultation regarding skin care regime what to use and what facial to have from Emily Victoria it is a £10 charge and this will be taken off any orders purchased. ENVIRON AND CIRCADIA, JANE IREDALE FOR SALE ONLINE

Text 07891841832 to schedule a slot and to buy products.

ENVIRON TREATMENTS (buy 6 for the price of 5)
Vitamin Treatment (55 mins) £75.00
Advanced Vitamin Treatment (75 mins) Décolleté included £85.00
Environ Collagen Power Facial (55 mins) £85.00
Advanced Collagen Power Facial (75 mins) £95.00
Hydra Boost Treatment (60 mins)    £75.00
Frown Treatment (45 mins) £80.00
Zone Environ Facial (25 mins) £40.00
Cool Skin Peel (55 mins) £70.00
Anti-ageing Eye Treatment (25 mins) £40.00
Anti-ageing Hand Treatment (25 mins) £34.00

CST Medical Collagen Stimulation Therapy- course of 3 recommended. from £250(Price upon Consultation)
Deep Cleanse and LED THERAPY- £70

Oxygen skin Treatment (60 mins £120). This treatment can be used on any skin type including acne, rosacea and sun damaged skin. The germicidal action makes it extremely beneficial for acne. The end result is clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness.
Switch for dermal rejuvenation (60 mins £150)
A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance mitochondrial function and restores skin’s youthful appearance. Based on a physiological pinciple of inducing the natural repair system of the skin to become active. Unlike most acid-based treatments, the SWiCH System is a leave-on system. The active ingredient remains to provide the continuous treatment for repair and restoration.
Lactic acid peel (35MIN) £120
Ideal for sensitized skin and skin conditions like rosacea, our lactic acid is gentle while actively exfoliating for an even skin tone. Paired with sodium hyaluronate, this treatment is the ultimate cellular humectant. An unrivalled moisture magnet, crafted to replenish dehydrated, dull skin.
Tolerated by most skin types, this peel can be repeated every 4 weeks.
MANDELICLEAR PEEL (30MIN) £120 double layer £140
The MandeliClear Peel was developed specifically for attenuating pigmentation issues associated with darker skin types. Mandelic acid is often derived from almond and wild cherry sources. This peel is safe, gentle and well tolerated by most skin types. Effective for lightening pigmentation due to acne, melasma or photodamaged skin. Requires pre-treatment.
May be repeated every 2-3 months.
A new technology in peeling. This very effective peel uses the perfect blend of acids to exfoliate without harshness, irritation or inflammation. Clients experience little to no stinging and should not experience flaking or peeling.
Tolerated by most skin types, this peel can be repeated every 4 weeks.
DermaFrost-(30min) £120
Great for pigmentation and boosting the skin renewal. Sun damage rough skin, ageing skin, fine lines wrinkles. Loss of elasticity.

ENZYME TREATMENT (45MIN) £85 1 hour £95 or Add onto facial £40
Enzyme facials are perfect to remove keratin build-up and help to brighten and clarify. Your skin will recover immediately providing you with a clean, fresh and natural looking result so invigorating you will wish for an event to attend later on to show off your radiant skin.
Caviar Face Mask add onto your facial for £15.00
Compression Peptide Mask- tightens the skin to increase blood flow and to tighten skin add onto a facial £40.00 or a treatment on its own with enzymes £85.00


1 area:            £195

2 areas:           £245

3 areas:           £335

fillers from £275


Aromatherapy Facial (55 mins) £70.00
Eye Refresher (20 mins) £25.00

A deep exfoliation facial that will instantly rejuvenate the skin and brighten the complexion
Micro Dermabrasion Facial (50 mins) £70.00
Pregnancy Facial (1 hour) £75.00

Add on these mini peels which are Fruit Acid Based from £40
Lactic Peel (anti-ageing), glycolic (intense exfoliation), salicylic (acne)

EV Bespoke Facial (55 mins) with LED (£97.00)
Deep cleansing, steam, extraction , exfoliation, massage, mask, tone, moisturise £69.00
EV Pure Anti-ageing Facial (65mins)  environ and caci combined £105.00
EV Signature Facial Deep Cleansing With Steam and Extractions, Massage, Mask with Heat to allow penetration of serum and finished with LED light therapy(75 mins) £110.00
Express Rebalance Facial (40 mins) £55.00
Teenage Facial (30mins) £35.00 with LED £50.00. With mini acne peel £60.00
Little Extras
Extraction From £10
Milea Removal from 15
Caviar Mask £15
heated collagen mask £20
Radio frequency £30
thread veins from £30
firming peptide mask £40.00
Zap and hide (Peel on selected area to kill the blemish) from £20.00

skin tag removal from £60


CACI BODY (30 mins each) £40.00
Caci Tummy Toning £40.00
Caci Bust Lift £40.00
Caci Bum Lift £40.00
Caci facial £75.00
Caci facial with Led £85.00

ADD onto Facials-
10 mins £15
15 mins- £20
20 mins- £25
25 mins- £30
30 mins- £35

INFRA-RED Add onto a massage to pre-heat the skin for a deeper  massage. from- £10.00


The Full EV Experience (70 mins) scalp to toes £75.00                                       90 mins full body (£100) Swedish Massage full body (60 mins) £69.00
Aromatherapy Massage full body (60 mins) £70.00
Hot Stone Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 mins) £39.00
Hot Stone Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (45 mins ) £56.00
Hot Stone Massage full body (60 mins) £75.00
Pregnancy Massage full body (60 mins) £75.00
Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins) £80.00
Reflexology (30 mins) £35.00
Reflexology (45 mins) £50.00
Reflexology (60 mins) £65.00
Indian Head Massage (30 mins) £40.00
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 mins) £35.00 deep tissue extra £8.00 Aromatherapy BNS 30 mins £40.00. 45 mins £50.00 full body and massage gun £82.00
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (40 mins) £48.00 deep tissue £8 extra £56.00. Cupping lymphatic massage 30 mins £40 , 45 mins £60 1 hour £80
Back Facial (35 mins) £40.00
Body Exfoliation (45 mins) £50.00
Anti-Cellulite Leg Treatment (30 mins) £40.00
Universal Contour Wrap (1 session) £70.00
Universal Contour Wrap (3 sessions) £200.00
G5 Massage (30 mins)   £33.00
G5 Massage (6 Sessions) £175.00
St Tropez Tanning £35.00
Ear Piercing £49.00
Hopi Ear candles £39.00
Beach slimming treatment £85-
Body exfoliation removes dead and flaky skin cells, opens your pores and moisturises your skin in one soothing, rejuvenating treatment.
Anyone with rough, flaky skin knows first hand the benefits of a soothing, refreshing body exfoliation treatment. Then we add on-
Using active ingredients to stimulate the skin, Fast absorbing firms tones skin, improves skin texture. Scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite on legs and buttocks.

Hair Removal


Full Leg £33.00 and toes £35
¾ Leg £27.00
½ Leg £22.00 and toes £25
Top ½ Leg £24.00
Forearm £20.00
Full Arm £27.00 hands too £31.00
Bikini £23.00
High Bikini £25.00
Brazilian £36.00
Hollywood £39.00
Underarms £16.00
Eyebrows £14.00
Lip or Chin £12.00, nasal £15.00

Whole Neck £35- EXTRA AREAS FROM £5
Threading FROM £16

Free consultation to discuss prices and courses available bikini from £80

legs from £80

underarm £60

Laser Facial (60min) £95.00
Acne Laser (45min) £75.00
Hair Removal From £60
Eliminate and reduce unwanted hair growth.
Full back wax with Shoulders £46
Full back wax £36.00
Half back wax £20.00
Back and Chest wax £60.00
Male Deep Cleansing Facial (40 mins)

With extractions

Mens soft deep tissue Massage

Mens Pedicure

Mens Manicure





EXTRA AREAS Waxing FROM £5 From £5

Heated current through fine needle to destroy the hair follicle

10 mins £15.00
15 mins £21.00
20 mins £26.00
25 mins £31.00
30 mins £40.00


Shellac File and Polish (hands or feet) £21
The Full Shellac Manicure £36
The Full Shellac Pedicure £42
Bronze – Shape and varnish £17
Silver – Shape, cuticle work and clear varnish £22
Gold – Shape, cuticle work, exfoliate, massage and varnish £30
Platinum – Shape, cuticle work, exfoliate, hot oils or wax, massage and varnish £35
Paraffin Wax and Massage £20
Bronze – Shape and varnish £17
Silver – Pedicure £38
Gold – Luxury Pedicure £45
Platinum – Pedicure including Callus Peel £50
Paraffin Wax and Massage £20
Callus Peel Treatment £24


Eyelash Tint £20.00
Eyebrow Pluck £12.00
Eyebrow Shape and Tint £26.00
Eyebrow Tint £12.00
Eyelash Perm £40.00
Eyelash Extension   £85.00
Eyelash Extension (Half Set) £45.00                                                                      Infills from £36 half hour 45 min £54 and an hour £72 (removal from £20.00)
Cluster lashes £40.00
Eyelash Strip £15.00
Emily V Brow (your very own high definition brow) £30.00


Make-Up Lesson (20mins) £35.00

Full make up application £60.00

Bridal Make up (trial £40.00) from £120

make up

Tarot Card readings now available. Call for appointments.

Acupuncture upon Request

Semi- Permanent Make-up

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Please call for a consultation.

Courses available and are valid for 1 year from purchase. 24 hour cancellation policy with all treatments booked 25% to reschedule. 50% to cancel.