CST- Collagen Stimulation Therapy


After first de-sensitising the skin using a local anaesthetic, a skin Roll-Cit which penetrates the skin to a depth of 1mm is used to reach the collagen and elastin layer. Minute temporary pin-prick bleeding is caused, which stimulates growth factors, and tissue remodelling takes place over the subsequent weeks and months. Because the upper layer of skin remains intact during the process, the outer protective layer is not destroyed, and the skin returns to normal in only a matter of days. Treatment takes about 2 hours, and can be repeated weekly or monthly. It is usual to have up to six sessions, until the desired result is achieved. It can be used to firm the skin on the abdomen, legs and arms as well as on the face. Although it cannot lift the skin as in surgery, some people have reported that they no longer feel the need for cosmetic surgery. As more and more people including celebrities are discovering this innovative treatment, it may even replace skin lasering and the deeper peels. So why compromise the integrity of the skin, when needling combined with high dose active ingredients in Environ products can give you such remarkable and unrivalled results.